Indigenous Day of Remembrance

4th Annual Indigenous Day of Remembrance Event Photos

The 4th Annual Indigenous Day of Remembrance Event was a huge success. 

Opening Ceremonies lead by Spiritual Leader/Taino Behike Miguel Sague who came all the way from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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Indigenous People and friends unite!

At one point in our family history--our ancestors were living the indigenous way of life. Food gathering, ceremonies, rites of passage, respect for mother earth, and inter-tribal celebrations were the norm. Now we have an opportunity to renew that history and become one people as we celebrate the memory of those people that suffer a genocidal campaign lead by Christopher Columbus. Many world communities are still suffering genocidal campaigns because of their cultural identity and religious/spiritual views. On 10/9/11, we stood in solidarity with one another. We have a right to exist!

Honoring the Ancestors through Unity

It is never too late to honor the people who have gone to the spirit world. We are their legacy.

  5th Annual "Indigenous Day of Remembrance" Gathering in NYC

While many celebrate the memory Christopher Columbus

We will never forget our Ancestors!    (1492-2012)

When: October 7th 2012

Where: Columbus Circle Merchants Gate 59th street and Central Park South

Time: 12pm - 3pm

Event: Indigenous Memorial Ceremony; Guest Speakers; Inter-tribal Music; and indigenous dancing. 

 Special Fundraiser Event:GFHchpHUecQ

Raising money for the Gathering

When: July 24th 2011 

Time: 3pm-7pm

Where: Yippie Museum and Cafe

9 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012-2402

(212) 677-7180

Guest performers will share their talents in the realm of acting; poetry; spoken-word; storytelling; music;and much more. 


I would like to formally thank all who participated and visited the fundraiser at the Yippie Cafe. It was a day in which many First Nations were represented and unified to help raise funding for a generator for the Oct 9th "Indigenous Day of Remembrance" @ Columbus Circle. The presenters were amazing! A video will follow soon. The fundraiser was able to raise $375. $100 went toward the food and supplies and $60 went to the Yippie Cafe for hosting the event. $215 is left. $50 will go toward the NYC event and sound permits. $165 will go toward other expenses for the Oct 9th event as decided by the "Indigenous Day of Remembrance" Committee.

During and after the event I learned that several individuals in the community have offered their personal PA Systems. Tribal Chief of Maisiti- Roman Guaraguaorix Perez, Juan Delgado, and former Ramapough/Lenape Chief Anthony Van Dunk offered to provide their PA systems for the Oct 9th event. Chief Anthony will generously provide the use of his generator for the event! Amazingly, the Oct 9th event will be historical. The speakers and musicians will be heard! I am very excited. If anyone is interested in volunteering for the event- please let me know ASAP- shoot an email to or become a member at this site and send me an email. 




Let us pray for those in the process of dying.

The Autumn season will begin the natural process of death. may we learn the importance of letting go.


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